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Originally Posted At: Kinky World On Dec 19 2010

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Oh, those Germans!

The Sextreme Electro-Vibe is a very interesting, German-made, electric sex sex toy sold by EdenFantasys. The manufacturer is Orion. The toy is a vibrating silicone insertive portion with a remote controller attached by a cord. The insertive portion is six inches long with a small flared base that isn’t big enough to make this toy anal-safe. The toy’s diameter is about an inch and a half at the widest point of the vibrator. This sex toy has both vibrating and electrosex settings as well as a combination of the two.

The toy does come in an interesting box. It’s white with a pull-off lid with an odd naked Dominatrix-looking woman on the front. It gives the features in both German and English. The inside has the vibrator, the controller, and the batteries all laying out in a velvet-lined tray. As can be expected, the vibrator does come with instructions as well – both in German and English. (The instructions made me giggle since it’s obvious they were made up in Microsoft Word. They are just a printed sheet of paper.) The instructions include everything you need to know including health warnings, all the information about the electrosex portion, a picture of the toy and how to use it, and technical specifications of the vibrator.

I figure I should calm your worries. No, you won’t die or electrocute yourself with this vibrator. It doesn’t go that high in voltage. If you are really concerned, don’t be. It’s nowhere near the heart, and as long as you don’t fall under the ‘No use’ guidelines, you shouldn’t have a problem. Of course, there’s always a chance of risk with anything electric, so remember that, but the chance isn’t very high with this one. Those “shock games” give out more power than this little vibe does. For those who are technical, the instructions say that, at maximum, it gives of 60 Vpp.

It was actually kinda hilarious when the boyfriend and I first received this. We tried it like some sort of new “discovery”. We would just poke at it and giggle when it shocked us. With our hands, we never went past the 3rd level of intensity just since it was so odd. When placed on the legs (or less sensitive areas than a finger), you can get up to eight without any problem.

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