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Originally Published at: Beanfiddler on December 21 2010

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Sponsored by: Babeland

Ami is the French word for “friend”. The Je Joue Ami from Babeland is aptly named as many women will find it to be a an excellent friend.

The Je Joue Ami is a three step set of kegel exercisors carried by Babeland. Kegels are exercises that work the PC or Pubococcygeus muscle that forms the pelvic floor in both women and men. As the PC muscle is involved with urinary control and orgasm, it’s important that it be nice and strong. One way to ensure this is by using kegel balls, a form of kegel exercisor.

There are many kegel balls on the market, but the Je Joue Ami is unique. It is a set of three kegel balls of varying weights and sizes designed to help you train your PC muscle by working up from the Ami 1 to the Ami 3.

Je Joue Ami kegel balls are simply gorgeous. They are coated with a very soft, smooth silicone that is velvety to the touch in a beautiful smoky plum color. The retrieval cord is made of a stretchy silicone in a lighter purple color and is attached to the Ami balls with a light purple hard plastic. It’s truly wonderful the retrieval cords of the Je Joue Ami are silicone. One thing that has kept me from purchasing kegel balls in the past has been nylon cords which can harbor bacteria. The silicone and hard plastic are both phthalate-free and non-porous, so no little bacteria can hide anywhere. As you can sterilize silicone, you can theoretically share your Je Joue Ami with your girlfriends, but I’ve a feeling you’ll want to keep them all to yourself. I know my cleaning instructions for silicone say it is boilable. However, Je Joue’s instructions say to boil the Ami balls for a maximum of 20 seconds, so please bear this in mind.

I find very little drag with the silicone of the Je Joue Ami balls and rarely use lubricant with them. If you do, be sure to use water-based lubricant as silicone-based lubes may interact with and damage the delightfully silky plum silicone of the Je Joue Ami.

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