Happy Holidays!

Hi! This is Nichole, (@xxpollypocket). I will be traveling tomorrow to virginia to my grandparents(about a 4 1/2hour trip) The weather looks kind of sketchy,and  we (my husband and I ) Will be traveling with My parents. I am not sure if I will be back tomorrow evening or saturday( I am *hoping* tomorrow evening)

I will have scattered intenet service. I will be able to get internet on my t-mobile mytouch until aboue 2 1/2 hours or so up the road. After that I go to “Internationally Roaming”(yes,i’m in virginia, from north carolina but it is internationaly roaming!) I can Data roam a few random places from there (no charge for that on t-mobile) I don’t know I *might* also be able to get some service via the kindle. Also, I might be able to get on at my grandma’s just not sure!

In other words keep those submissions coming in, and we’ll get them up within the next couple of days :)

Have a Great Holiday :)

thanks again for everyone making this site such a success in it’s first week :)

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