What’s Up Down There?

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Originally Posted At Bean Fiddler on December 22 2010

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I was given the opportunity to review the book, What’s Up Down There?: Questions You’d Only Ask Your Gynecologist If She Was Your Best Friend written by Dr. Lissa Rankin. I’ve always had a interest in how my body works and this looked like a good read. I was happy to discover it was just what I was hoping!

“What’s Up Down There?” has 365 pages of direct, candid answers to almost any question I could ever come up with about my lady bits. Some of the question and answers are amusing, some are amazing, and some are downright disgusting. Suggestion: When Dr. Lissa warns you not to continue reading if you’re squeamish, pay attention!

Dr. Lissa shares experiences from her childhood, medical school, and her practice to demonstrate her points. She writes on a plethora of topics. From myths…do vaginas have teeth?, to tips on shaving, to female genital mutilation. There is so much information crammed into this book. Yet it’s presented in a very direct and accessible manner. I’m accustomed to books that are more clinical and run on in nature. You know the kind that put you to sleep, yet you really want the information? What’s Up Down There? really shines is this area. The format of this book is great. The chapters are well defined and simple. Each chapter is split into short sections headed by questions. This makes it very easy to read a complete idea in just a few minutes. I can pick this book up for 10 minutes or an hour and not lose track. With my short attention span, this is a big plus!

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