“Smooth” – Erotic Stories for Women Book Review

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Review Originally Posted At Kinky-World on December 24 2010

Author: Mistress Kay

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“Smooth: Erotic Stories for Women” is a collection of erotic stories edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel. This book is published by Cleis Press. The cover of the book is softcover, and all of the words on the inside are printed in black and white with high-quality paper and large enough text to easily read. In these 204 pages, there are 19 different erotic stories written by various authors. The front cover of the book shows a naked woman lying around with all of her “adult” parts discreetly hidden. The backside shows the same picture, so this book isn’t exactly discreet enough for public reading.

The theme to this erotic novel seems to be celebration of the female body. All of the stories in this collection revolve around the female’s celebration (or liberation) with an aspect of her physical self. The stories talk about how the woman comes to accept her body and accept it for pleasure. In all of this theme, there’s quite a bit of erotic detail.

The book is mostly focused on heterosexual relationships. There are a couple homosexual relationships included in the book, but for the most part, the book is completely focused to heterosexual relationship. For the most part, this book is also devoid of most plot development. It gives a bit of back story, but the plot is usually very basic and exists only to get to the point where couple ends up doing something sexual. This means that the stories end up being relatively short, and while there is a bit of plot development, almost all of the plot includes erotic elements which make it more along the lines of “foreplay” than an actual plot.

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