Passion: Erotic Book

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Originally Published At Kinky World On December 25 2010

Author: Mistress Kay

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“Passion” is an erotic romance for women book published by Cleis Press edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel. The book is softcover and has black and white pages. It’s 224 pages long and in those pages is 20 different stories. This book’s format follows a regular format for most of the Cleis Press novels – the stories are all in easy-to-read print with the title clearly marked at the start. The back of the book includes Authors Biographies that will let you know about the different authors who contributed to this erotic anthology. The front of the book shows a picture of a naked couple erotically intwined with all of the “juicy” bits covered. The back shows a softer image of this with text imposed over it. Honestly, this is the first erotica book I’ve read that the image was so erotic that I was uncomfortable reading it in public. I mean, it’s REALLY obvious what you’re reading if anyone can see even a bit of the cover. I’d recommend you definitely keep this one inside of your own house.

“Passion” is an entirely heterosexual book. The theme basically focuses around romantic sexual stories between couples. Some of the couples have been together for a long time while some of the stories are about new couple. The main theme is that every story includes the male romancing the female. This can be through sweet words, a good date, forgiveness for something, or just by doing something really nice. None of them include the “traditional” chocolate or flowers-type of routine though – it’s all interesting and non-traditional.

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