Women Loving Women Book

img courtesy of mistress kay

Originally Posted at Kinky World on December 27 2010

Author: Mistress Kay

Sponsored by: Funwares (?)

“Women Loving Women” is a full-color book about female/female relationships published by Quiver Books and sold by FunWares. The book is softcover, but it’s also pretty large in size at about ten inches tall and eight inches in width. The inner pages are all in full-color. The book has 128 pages which are divided into nine different chapters. This book couldn’t be read in public because of all of the full-page pictures. The front of the book does show two girls kissing one another, and all of the inner pages make this a not-so-discreet book. I should also mention that that white “Women Loving Women” banner across the book is not flush with the book. It’s an extra layer up, but it’s also glued onto the book, so it can’t be removed without tearing it off…..

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