Kissable Body Paint

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Originally Posted On BeanFiddler on December 29 2010

Author: BeanFiddler

Sponsored by: Fascinations

The last time I played with edible body paint I was very disappointed. It tasted awful and the colors were barely there. So when I heard about Fun Factory’s Colore Moi Kissable Body Paint from Fascinations, I was curious. I love Fun Factory and their products are very high quality. I was hoping for a completely different experience and I found it.

Fun Factory Kissable Body Paint comes in a 1.36 fluid ounce tube which should provide hours and hours of fun and creativity for most people. My Kissable Body Paint is Strawberry. Strawberries are one of my favorite fruits, so I am a bit picky about strawberry flavored treats. Are you familiar with Hickory Farms? Do you remember those little strawberry candies that used to come in their gift baskets? Maybe they still do. It’s been years… Anyway, my Fun Factory Strawberry Kissable Body Paint tastes just like those strawberry candies. Yummy!

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