Cosmo’s Aqua Sutra

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Originally Posted at Kinky World On December 30 2010

Author Mistress Kay

Sponsored by: Funwares

The “Cosmo’s Aqua Kama Sutra” book is a book of sex positions sold by FunWares and produced by the staff of Cosmo magazine. The book is 63 pages long and includes full-color pictures on the inside. The book is softcover and very flexible. There are 25 different water-sex positions included in the book including 6 mini-articles about aspects of having sex in the water.

To be completely honest, I rarely take anything Cosmo magazine has to say seriously. I’m sure Cosmo’s magazine subscription list is made up half of those who actually believe what they say and the other half is people like myself who subscribe just to giggle at some of the silly stuff they print. However, it’s pretty hard to get a sex position book wrong, so it seems like one of the neater areas to branch off into, so I wanted to see this book.

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