All Night Long-Sorority Party Vibe

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Originally Posted on Kinky World on December 31 2010

Author: Mistress Kay

Sponsor: California Exotic Novelties (?)

The “All Night Long” vibrator is a Cal Exotics vibrator from the Shane’s World Sorority Party Vibes series. It comes in pink, purple, and green. The vibrator is six and a half inches long, and since it’s made from hard plastic, it’s not really intended for insertion. However, you could insert this if you wanted – it just probably wouldn’t be that comfortable. The plastic is the Velvet Cote plastic which means that the vibrator ends up being really nice, soft, and smooth. The diameter is less than an inch around for this toy.

The packaging is a bit icky in my opinion. I feel like this toy isn’t a horrible toy, and I feel like the packaging won’t let it get a chance in life. The packaging shows a “college girl” on the front with plain white background and little “bubbles” all over that include information.

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