Dare..to try Kama Sutra

courtesy of mistress kay

Originally Posted At Kinky World On January 03 2011

Author: Mistress Kay

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“Dare…To Try Kama Sutra” is a neat little book published by Hunter House and written by Marc Dannam and Axterdam. This book is part of the “Dare…” series which is a series written in French and translated to English about different parts of human sexuality and how to do them. This book has a softcover and has 108 black and white pages which are divided into 7 different chapters. The front cover shows a nude male and female “trying” to do a sex position but failing at it. It’s adorable. The backside explains the book itself.

This book does include quite a few illustrations. Each position described is usually accompanied by some illustrations of the position itself. The illustrations are usually done by little nude characters, so you’ll see the occasional (illustrated) penis and vagina.

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