Buzzlet (another review of the Buzzlet)

*editors note*  here is my (nichole’s) review of the buzzlet. I know that makes 2 buzzlet reviews and w/in the same day, but they are of course different :)

Originally Posted at: Autumn Rain on January 05 2011

Author: Nichole

Sponsored by: goodvibes

When I get the chance to review an item that i’m lusting after, I get really excited! One such item that presented itself to me recently is the Buzzlet which you can find at Good Vibrations, along with many other Vibrators & Sex Toys!!

Here are some of the technical things directly from the goodvibes site!

Buzzlet Rechargeable Waterproof Vibrator
Black/White, Frost/White, Pink/White, or Violet/White ABS plastic and Medical-grade silicone
4″ x 1″ (10cm x 2.5cm)

*of course I got mine in pink* (you knew that right? ;) )
At first glance, I am telling you this thing reminds me of one of those fishing bobber lure things! (David, my husband agrees)! I think that just makes it more unique,and i’m ALL about things being unique!

I have collected over 25 vibrators, and i’m getting to the point where i’m a little bit “picky” when it come to what impresses me!

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