Lelo Bo & Lelo Tor Comparison Review

img courtesy of mistress kay

Originally Posted At: Kinky World on January 5th 2011

Author: Mistress Kay

Sponsor: Funwares

Today we have a battle royalle between the two LELO cock rings. They look so similar in appearance and come from the same company, so after hearing many people ask about the differences in the two rings, FunWares offered to send me both cock rings and let me decide the “winner” of this epic battle. So, the battle between LELO Bo and LELO Tor begins now!

Both the LELO Bo and the Tor are made from plastic and TPE. The upper, “squared” portion is made from a hard plastic which is where the vibrations come from while the ring portion is made from TPE is so it’s very stretchy and easy to affix over the penis. Both of the cock rings pull apart into two separate pieces for easy cleaning.

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