Madame’s Flog-Her

img courtesy of mistress kay

Original Posted at Kinky World On January 10  2011

Author: Mistress Kay

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Madame’s Flog-Her Flogger is an interesting-looking flogger made by Ruff Doggie Styles and sold at EdenFantasys. The flogger is made from leather, lace, and metal. The tails are leather, the lace covers the handle, and the metal rivets run down the handle. The handle is 8 and a half inches while the tails are about twenty inches long. This makes it a pretty long flogger. The flogger does have a hanging strap that makes it pretty easy to store.

The flogger doesn’t come with any sort of packaging. It does come stored in a plastic baggie can it has to be pulled from, but there’s no sort of tag or anything aside from the plastic baggie.

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