Sinnflut Intensity Review

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Originally Posted At: A Bedroom Blog on January 11 2011

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The Sinnflut Intensity by Fun Factory is a multispeed, waterproof, rechargeable vibrator made of supple medical grade silicone.  This toy is eight inches long with a five and a half inch insertable length.  Only five and a half inches around at it’s widest point, the Intensity is not super girthy.  It is, however, deliciously ribbed with a slightly bulbous head.

The shaft of the toy is fairly flexible and has a very slight curve that one may or may not find suitable for G-spot stimulation.  For me, the curve coupled with the vibration did stimulate my G-spot, but not to astounding squirt-tastic lengths.  Speaking of vibration, I counted seven vibration speeds, from very low to pretty high, and 3 vibration patterns.

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