NobEssence Provoke Flogger

img courtesy of mistress kay

Originally Posted at Kinky World on January 27 2011

Author:Mistress Kay

The Large G-Spot Flogger (known as the “Provoke” flogger by Nob Essence) is a wooden insertable flogger that has leather tails. The handle is about eight and a half inches long at about two inches at the widest diameter. The leather tails of the toy are twenty-one inches long which makes for about thirty inches of flogger length (which is really long for a flogger). The Provoke has the Nob Essence toy, the “Seduction”, as its handle. I could pretend that I could tell you the wood type, but I can’t. I’m lame like that.

I will be mentioning the P-Spot Flogger (also sold on EF; also known as the “Incite” flogger) quite a bit as well since I think I must be one of the few people in existence who own both floggers.

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