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Originally Posted at: Kinky World on January 30 2011

Author: Mistress Kay

The Floggerella Floggers are cute, beginner-orientated floggers intended to start you off into BDSM. Despite being beginner-orientated, they are not cheap nor going to fall apart on you. The tails are made of leather, and the handle is made of plastic. The flogger also features a hanging strap that works for easy care of the flogger. The tails are 11″ long with the entire flogger being 18″ long.

You know, just to let you guys know what I do for the sake of science (of sex toy reviewing, of course), I actually bought all three varieties of these floggers to see if there was any sort of variation in the type of leather used. A commenter had mentioned differences in the leather, but it was hard to believe someone who commented once and left, so I chose to take matters into my own hands.

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