What’s Up Down There? Book Review

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Originally Posted at Kinky-World On Feb 04 2011

Author: Mistress Kay

What’s Up Down There?” is a book written by Lissa Rankin and published by St. Martin’s Griffin. The book’s tagline is “Questions You’d Only Ask your Gynecologist if She Was Your Best Friend”. The book is a softcover book that is 381 pages long. The book is black and white text on the inside, and there are no illustrations or pictures on the inside. The book, for being about 400 pages long, is made from a light-weight paper, so the book is surprisingly light. The book could be read in public as long as you are okay with others knowing you’re reading a book about your vagina.

This book is intended to be like a “guide to your female-ness”. The book focuses on different aspects about the female body that common guides don’t usually answer. Lissa Rankin is a gynecologist, and she says she receives tons of off-the-wall questions from her best friends.

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