Zing Butt Plug

Originally posted at: beanfiddler.com on feb 02 2011

Author: Beanfiddler

You all know how much I love butt plugs and Tantus products. So what could be better than a new Tantus butt plug? How about a vibrating Tantus butt plug! Introducing my new baby, the Zing Vibrating Butt Plug from FunWares.

I really enjoy anal play and I’m particularly fond of anal penetration. Thrusting is fun too, don’t get me wrong. However, that penetration, the pop as the plug slides in, the feeling of fullness deep inside is just too delectable. Still, I often want that little extra, dare I say, “zing”? In my quest for the icing on the cake I’ve been known to hold vibrators of all sorts up against the base of my butt plug. That vibrating feeling just takes me to the next level. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find vibrating anal toys, especially toys of high quality. I just don’t use jelly, latex, PVC, or rubber toys.

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