CUNTIONARY/Repent at Your Leisure (or the Folklore of Hell)

Originally Posted at: Dusk In chains on Feb 09 2011

Author: Dusk

I”m going to start this review with an honest-to-goodness apology. The wonderful Mr. Benjamin Perez contacted me on Fetlife shortly after the advent of my new blog, asking if I would be interested in two of his novels. Book reviews, I thought, It’s been ages since I did anything like that! The result is that I’ve been reading, perusing, and re-reading CUNTIONARY/Repent at Your Leisure for over three months.

I assure you it’s not because I’m lazy, or I was too busy. It’s because Perez’s work is so dense, so intense that it’s taken me this long to figure out how in hell to write a review. I’ve never been one to fully understand literary genius. It jumps out from behind dark alleys and takes me out with a swift punch to the face. Perez also draws a huge alliteration in his work to religious text.

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