Incoqnito Blade Necklace

Originally Posted At: Bedroom Blog on Feb 09 2011

Author: Bedroom Blogger

I love Incoqnito.  They are a super cool company that makes super sexy products.  I have been lusting after the Blade Necklace since I started reviewing.  So naturally, when Incoqnito offered to send me one, I peed a little.

The necklace, on an 18 inch chain, comes in your choice of either silver or rose gold plating.  Both are beautiful and sturdy.  The blade is made of hand cut glass and is absolutely gorgeous.  The edge of the blade is blunted and can’t be used to do any real damage (woo safety).  The very tip of the blade is the sharpest; it creates a scratching sensation when dragged across the skin and can even be used a bit more aggressively if your goal is to cause a bit of pain.

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