Incoqnito Necktie

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Originally Posted At: Kinky World on Feb 09 2011

Author: Mistress Kay

The Incoqnito Necktie is one of the “discreet” items sold by Incoqnito that doubles as a regular day-to-day item as well as a bondage accessory. The Necktie is actually a real necktie by “day” and can become a leash and collar by “night”. The tie itself is made from polyester and is about twenty four inches long (about your average tie length) while the adjustable piece is metal. The metal comes in two different colors: gold and silver while the tie is always black.

Incoqnito always has some great packaging. The necktie is no different. The tie comes packaged in a discreet, black box with which the lid of the box pulls off from the top. The tie is curled up inside with the instruction manual inside as well. The tie may have wrinkles from being stored inside, but mine did not.

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