Little Snooper

Editors Note: Venus didn’t have a picture posted for this review, that’s why one hasn’t been included

Originally Posted at: Venus…Etc On Feb 13 2011

Author: Venus

With my love for bullets and unique toys, I was really excited to receive the Touché Little Snooper from FunWares to review.

The Little Snooper was presented to me in a drop dead gorgeous, sophisticated packaging. The toy is clearly visible through the open front while encased in a plastic mold, giving the illusion that the toy is “floating”. It’s not discreet, but indeed a very nice presentation. Though, probably not suitable to reusing for storage.  Included are two information booklets with instructions written in 8 different languages, the bullet key (which I’ll explain in a bit), the bullet and sleeve, and the 2 included watch batteries.

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