Magic Slim Precious Paddle

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Originally Posted At Madame Omgea On Feb 15 2011

Author Madame Omega

The Precious Paddle came to me from, through their Buzz Team program. It is a TPE toy, which makes it porous, and thus unable to be disinfected, but still phthalate-free. Not much information is given on the BetterSex website, so I was able to start with a fresh mind about function and performance. I wouldn’t necessarily say it earns the name “magic,” but don’t overlook this pretty-in-pink toy; it’s surprisingly powerful given how flexible it is, and the texture is subtle yet definitely noticeable.

The Magic Slim Precious Paddle comes in a standard plastic box, but it’s surprisingly easy to open. No prying or scissors required. Being a design whore, I am always a little disappointed by “standard” packaging. Of course there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the box, but at the same time it’s nothing special.

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