Lelo Insignia Soraya

img courtesy of mistress kay

Originally Posted at: Kinky World at March 06 2011

Author: Mistress Kay

LELO Insignia Soraya is a plastic and silicone dual-stimulation vibrator sold by this sex shop I trust. The vibrator itself is eight and a half inches long, and the vibrator is only about an inch in diameter at the widest point on the shaft. The clitoral stimulator is about two inches long and extends off the body of the vibrator. The pretty pink color is the body-safe silicone that LELO uses, and the metal-looking portion is actually silver-colored plastic.

Like all LELO products, the Soraya comes in a plain-black, discreet cardboard box. This discreet cardboard box is kept in an outer box that serves as the “marketing” packaging that includes, in a classy design, information about the sex toy and features about. This inner, discreet box functions very nicely for storage since it doesn’t have “sex toy” written on it anywhere at all.

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