Icicles No.11

Originally Posted At: Madame Omega on March 01 2011

Author: Madame Omega

As my good friend Hal Jordan said as he gaped wide-eyed at my Pipedream Icicles No. 11, “My dick can’t do that!” Well of course not, Hal. I would actually be quite upset if I found a man with a spiked penis. But don’t worry, dudes. We keep you around for a reason. That doesn’t mean we can’t have our fun.

And No. 11 is just that: fun. And at the bargain price of $29.95 at Oh My, I find that I regret nothing about this purchase.

So here are the quick and dirty details:

  • Length: 7 inches
  • Girth: 4 inches at widest point
  • Material: Pyrex Glass

As with all of the Icicles pieces, No. 11 is solid glass, and is just plain gorgeous. It comes in a classy box with a life-size picture of the toy on the magnetic door, opening to a window putting on display the newest member of your glass menagerie.

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