Crave Ankle Restraints

img courtesy of dusk

Originally Posted At: Dusk In Chains in March 2011

Author: Dusk

I’m a big fan of purple, so when I saw the Crave Ankle Restraints by Spartacus they immediately went on my wishlist. At a little over $30, they seemed like a good place to start when putting together a proper collection of items for play at my local dungeon.

These restraints arrived in a tasteful see-through plastic box that popped open with no trouble. They were nestled inside a cardstock insert depicting a naked girl in braids in a pose that covers her vulva and breasts. She is, of course, wearing the restraints and looking out from the box with a very sexy expression. The back lists the features of the restraints; leather, faux fur lining, durable black hardware, and a sizing from 7-10″. While the box served its shipping purpose, I didn’t bother holding onto it for any longer. It’s just too bulky to use for storage.

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