Liberator Axis

img courtesy of mistress kay

Originally Posted At: Kinky World In March 2011

Author: Mistress Kay

The Liberator Axis is a couples sex toy andLiberator shape intended to heighten physical pleasure sold by Tabu Toys sex toys. The Liberator Axis is made from strong, furniture-grade foam with an inner, water-resistant layer and an outer, microfiber layer. The Liberator Axis has a length of 20 inches and a width, at the widest point, of 20 inches. Towards the bottom of the Axis, it tapers down to 10 inches in width. At the tallest point, the Liberator Axis is seven inches tall. It doesn’t come with any specific packaging.

I like the fact that this Axis is much more sloping than the Liberator Wedge is. The Wedge ends up coming up to a point really quickly while the Axis has much more of a slope that makes a gentle rising instead of the point-a to point-b type of height that the Liberator Wedge provides.

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