The Art Of Lap dancing book

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originally posted at: kinky world in march 2011

author: mistress kay

“The Art of Lap Dancing” is a colored book written by Peekaboo Lap Dancing and sold by The book is softcover and has full-color pages with 100 pages divided into five different routines and some help pages. The book is written by the writing staff at Peekaboo, and this five by five inch book is easy to read and keep open to a page. The book’s selling point is that it will give you a great workout and make you feel sexy.

This book basically walks you through different lap dance routines. It gives five different routines. Each routine has a different “feel” to it. One is for a kinky feel, another is for a cheerleader, another is for a classy lady, another is for a sweet girl, and the last is for a party girl. Each girl gets 16 pages for her routine.

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