Jejoue Ami

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Originally Posted At: Kinky World On March 2011

Author: Mistress Kay

The JeJoue Ami is a set of three vaginal exercisers in varying shapes and sizes to work you from beginner to advanced with this one set. It can be bought from this sex shop I trust. The vaginal exercisers come in purple, and they are made from silicone and a small bit of plastic. This type of silicone is amazingly soft and velvety and feels slick when you run your fingers over it. The colors and the size match the EF “Real Size Widget” just fine.

The JeJoue Ami has gorgeous packaging just like the rest of the JeJoue products. The outer box is a plain purple box that shows off a couple of the product’s qualities, but the inner box is a plain black box that is tied together with a ribbon.

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