Reflections Beauty Glass

img courtesy beanfiddler

Doc Johnson has put out a series of glass vibrators called Reflections and thanks, I’ve been able to take this Beauty for a ride (or five).

The Beauty Vibrator is made of borosilicate glass, more commonly known as Pyrex. Yep, it’s the same stuff used to make baking dishes. This means it’s very strong and stable and can withstand temperature extremes, which makes Beauty great for sensation play. Soak it in a bowl of iced or hot water and the glass will retain the temperature for a good while. Glass is also phthalate and latex free, hypoallergenic, and body-safe, which makes it a great choice for sex toys.

Glass is very versatile and can be used with all types of lubricant. I find I need far less lubricant, if any, with my glass toys. Depending on the toy and how excited I am, often my own lubrication is sufficient.

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