Jenna’s Vibe with Attachments

img courtesy of miranda

Originally Posted at: Swingers Attic in March 2011

Author: Miranda

As a swinger I get to experience life a little bit differently than the average girl.
The world is full of sexual opportunity and possible excitement so I try to always be ready.
I’m not talking about condoms and breath mints here. Those are of course in my bag, but I also have a lot of other fun and needed items.
One of those items is a pocket rocket style vibrator.
They are tiny and take up almost no space in my purse so you are sure to always find one floating around in my bag.

If you have no clue what a pocket rocket vibrator is you should have no worries because I am about to explain.
For my example I have here a nice little pocket vibe called Jenna’s vibe.

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