Tantus Hank

img courtesy of mistress kay

Originally Posted At: Kinky World on April 5th 2011

Author: Mistress Kay

The Tantus Hank is a high-quality silicone dildo that is made by Tantus and sold by FunWares sex toys. It’s about six and a half inches long, is about an inch and a forth in diameter, and it comes with testicles at the base. This dildo is oral compatible and harness-compatible. This dildo is realistic, and it comes in two different skin tone shades. The dildo has a slight upwards curve.

Like always, the packaging for the Tantus Hank is pretty basic. It comes in a clear, tasteful box that shows off the product inside of the plastic box. The dildo itself comes in a tray that works well for storage after you originally opened it. The box is slightly larger than the dildo itself, but it does do a good job of offering suitable protection from it.

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