Crystal Pop

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Originally Posted at Kinky World In April 2011

Author: Mistress Kay

The Crystal Pop is a foot-long ceramic dildo sold by Crystal Delights sex toys. They sellglass and crystal butt plugs and ceramic dildos. They sell a bunch of natural sex toysincluding this one.

The Crystal Pop comes in some beautiful packaging. I’m always amazed by the beautiful packaging that Crystal Delights places their toys in. For Crystal Pop, it happens to be a large, pretty black storage bag that folds in on itself to store the sex toy. The pretty bag is black on the outside and a pink satin on the inside. The bag is slightly padded to keep this ceramic toy from coming to any harm while under storage. Along with that, the bag is easily large enough to fit any other accessories such as toy clean, a condom, or some lubricant.

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