Pop Plugs

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Originally Posted At: Swingers Attic In April 2011

Author: Miranda

This is more of a shout out for a certain style of butt plug than anything else.
They are called Pop-Plugs.
They are great and I adore them.
Plus, they remind me of Ring-Pops!

The picture above is just for fun of course. That is NOT what butt plugs are for.
These cute little plugs do remind me of Ring-Pops though so I couldn’t resist.

If you just have to use one like a ring pop however and put it in your mouth one of the things I like best about Pop Plugs is that they are made of silky smooth silicone.
That means you can easily clean them with soap and water and then toss them in a pan of water to boil and sterilize.

Most of my favorite toys are silicone for that very reason. The ability to sterilize a toy easily makes it a good sharable toy.

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