Sex Smarts Game

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Originally Posted At: Kinky World in April 2011

Author: Mistress Kay

SexSmarts is a fun little card game sold by MyPleasure. This game doesn’t come with any sort of board, but it does come with four different sets of playing cards to use. The full set basically includes 100 SexSmart cards (25 of each topic), a scoring pad, the box itself for storage, and a SexSmarts playing guide and sex tips guide. The game can be played by yourself (for fun trivia information) or with as many players as you want split into teams for easy score-keeping.

The box for SexSmarts is really colorful and creative. The box is yellow and orange, so it’s pretty hard to miss the box. This also makes it not-so-discreet which may be a problem if you need to hide your stuff. One of the biggest problems I had with this box was the fact that there’s really no way to seal it.

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