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Originally Posted at: A Bedroom Blog in April 2011

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That’s singing. Or an uber-contented sigh. Why?

Awful packaging.  Unattractive electric toothbrush-esque design.  Doesn’t.  Fucking.  Matter.

This thing is the single greatest clitoral stimulator I have tried.  Seriously.

Here’s the thing…my clit’s not picky.  I can get off with some not awesome toys.  And while I am wonderfully sensitive, I also love my Hitachi.  I can appreciate all kinds of vibration and stimulation.  And the Eroscillator beats the shit out of absolutely every other toy I own.

Here’s the thing…I wasn’t sold on the Eroscillator before I received it.  Even after all of these glowing reviews.

I mean…It’s fucking retarded expensive.  And it is not pretty.  And can it really be that much more awesome than anything else that has ever been near my vagina?

Yes.  Yes it can.

Let me explain.

What I received is actually called the Ultimate Combo…and it is exactly what it sounds like.

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