Tantus Alumina

Originally Posted at: Venus Etc in May 2011

Author: Venus

Fun Fact: Aluminum is the most abundant metal in the Earth’s crust It makes up 8 percent of the weight of the earth’s solid surface. It is recyclable and safe.

I have been coveting a toy from the Tantus Alumina line for what seems like forever now. Unlike other Tantus toys, this series of dildos is made of aeronautic grade aluminum. The aluminum is anodized, which not only adds to the sheer beauty of these toys, but also strengthens corrosion and wear resistance. Each Alumina product is cast in two fully functional halves — which means that the ends of ALL FOUR Alumina products can be swapped out for other pieces to make your perfect toy. This is a very unique design and — of course — means I covet all four Alumina toys.

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