Lavish Nipple Clamps

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Originally Posted At: A Bedroom Blog in May 2011

Author: Bedroom Blogger

This girl likes having her nipples played with.  And sparkly things.  Therefore, these Lavish Nipple Clamps by Spartacus seemed like a grand idea.

And they are.  Granted, they don’t get a lot of use…but that’s probably more due to the fact that the boyfriend and I have had limited time for lovin’ lately.  Sad as that sounds, when we do get an opportunity to hump each others brains out, it’s usually quick and sneaky…but even when it’s not, nipple clamps just aren’t usually at the top of my “things to try while getting banged” list.  And yeah…I totally have one of those (in my mind).

However, if you are interested in nipple play or torture, I will recommend these little pretties.  They are a tweezer clamp and are totally adjustable as far as how intense you want your experience to be.

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