Baci Open Back Crotchless Lace Panties

Originally Posted at: A Bedroom Blog in May 2011

Author: The bedroom blogger

I am oft skeptical of one size fits most lingerie.  And for good reason.

One size fits most rarely fits most.  But when MyPleasure offered up these Open Back Crotchless Panties by Baci, I was wooed by claims such as “fully and easily adjustable for the best look and fit that accentuates your body the way you want.”

Fully adjustable?  Sounds good, right?  I thought that maybe these would truly fit “most.”

And ya know, they probably come as close as any I’ve seen.  But I am disappointed.

The good news is that these panties will fit itty bitty people.  I’m not one of those.

I’m a size 16-ish.  These do fit me, but I don’t find them to be incredibly flattering.  I would definitely be more comfortable if they would adjust to just a bit larger.

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