Mastering Multiple Position Sex

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Originally Posted At: Kinky-World in May 2011

Author: Mistress Kay

Mastering Multiple Position Sex is a book written by Eric Marlowe Garrison and published by Quiver Books. It can be purchased at this sex toys store. It’s a softcover book that has full-color pages on the inside. There are 191 pages split into 13 different chapters, and there are a lot of full-color pages. The book features a colorful layout as well. This book is not suitable for public reading as it has a lot of large pictures of intercourse.

This book focuses on the idea that it can be difficult to transition from one sex position to another sex position. Most position books just list positions to try out. This book, however, lists these positions in small groupings. Each little grouping is supposed to be a group of positions that are easy to get from one to the next.

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