Tenga Flip Hole Black

img courtesy of bedroom blogger

Originally Posted at: A bedroom blog in may 2011

Author: The bedroom Blogger

So…Liberator?  The products that they carry actually got me interested in blogging about sex toys in the first place.

And so it begins…the battle of the Tenga toys.

This was the second toy I picked up for the boyfriend to try out.  It was after this awesomely bad toy…and I guess I kinda felt guilty about all of the awesome stuff that I was getting to stick in my vag…I wanted to get him something nice.  It was either a Flip Hole or a Fleshlight.  I ended up going with the Flip Hole because look how fucking cool it looks.

And it is fucking cool.  It’s one of those things that totally makes me wish I had a dick.

The outer case of the Flip Hole and the stand are made of plastic.  That clear-ish part with the three buttons and the inside are made of TPR silicone .

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