Sexy Little Miss Muffett

img courtesy of kitty

Originally Posted At: The Sub Mission in May 2011

Author: Kitty

The Little Miss Muffet costume is just so adorable!  Master can’t resist me in it, and it makes me feel extra “little”.  I’ve worn it in other reviews, and other posts as well.  I’ve worn it sitting around the house.  This is one outfit that will (and does!) get a lot of use.  Please note that in the pictures, the outfit is worn with a crinoline underskirt which I purchased separately, and does NOT come with the outfit.  If you want one, you’ll have to get one separately.  I got mine on eBay a while back.  The leg warmers I got here.

Let me give you some stats, mine first.  I’m 5′ 2.25″, I weigh about 145 pounds, I wear a 34/36 (depending on brand) D bra, have a 33″ waist, and a 40″ hip.  Now for the dress:

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