Tenga Flip Air Lite

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Originally Posted At: A bedroom blog in may 2011

Author: the bedroom blogger

And the battle rages on…the folks at Babeland are helping me round out this competition with the Tenga Flip Air Lite.

The Flip Air Lite is the babiest of bunch.  It is about an inch shorter (at six inches) and the lightest and least girthy of the bunch.  Once again featuring a hard plastic exterior and an interior that features urethane foam underneath fabulously textured TPR silcone.

Basically, it is the Flip Air in miniature.  It looks exactly the same, it’s just smaller.  The texture is even the same on the inside.  And of course it flips open like a book and can be easily cleaned and dried on it’s cap/stand.  While the TPR is easy to clean with soap and water, it can’t be sterilized and it’s best to stick with water based lube.

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