Crystal Delights Crystal Kiss butt plug

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So one day I was cruising sex toys online and ran across Crystal Delights. I immediately started salivating. I love butt toys. I also love glass sex toys. Not only does Crystal Delights make pretty glass butt plugs (awesome), they make them with beautiful Swarovski Crystals! I was in love and decided I would have to have one sooner or later. Enter the Crystal Delights Crystal Kiss, pure beauty in the palm of my hand (and up my butt).

I started seeing images of the Crystal Delights Crystal Kiss early this year and I coveted it. Oh how I coveted. Thanks to Splendwhore’s birthday and Crystal Delights’ generosity, I was lucky enough to finally get this most desired butt plug into my covetous hands.

Let’s start with the packaging. Crystal Delights ships discreetly via the U.S. Postal Service with the return address “Virtually About”.

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