Forbidden Fruit Apple Vibe!

img courtesy of kitty

Originally Posted at: The Sub Mission In May 2011

Author: Kitty

Another toy to keep away from my devilish little Apple Pig?  Oh yes.  Yes indeed.  TheForbidden Fruit vibrator from the sex positive and woman friendly people over at Babeland is just too cool to behold.  If you’re looking for a discreet vibrator, it really does not get more discreet than this.

What you’re looking at here is a vibrator in the shape of an apple.  If you left this toy out in a fruit bowl, I doubt anyone would think anything of it at first glance.  In fact, just for fun, you might try doing that on purpose around some open minded friends and see if they pick up on it.  The toy is made from very smooth ABS plastic with a small seam that runs around the entire apple about a third of the way up from the top.

Click here for the rest!

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