Crystal High Intensity Mini Bullet

Originally Posted At: A Bedroom Blog In May 2011

Author: The Bedroom Blogger

I tend to forget that I am a Cal Exotics Sexpert. I received the Crystal High Intensity Mini Bullet a while back and in my toy box it sat.

Here’s the thing…I’m not crazy about watch battery bullets.  Mainly because having to buy and replace watch batteries pisses me right the fuck off.  While I understand that this may be slightly irrational, that’s just how I roll.  Also, I have super awesome clit toys.  Why do I need this watch battery bullet?

Yeah…I don’t.  But you know what, I don’t just pleasure myself day and night for me…I do it for you, dear reader.  And you might be in the market for a watch battery bullet.

They are a super safe, friendly, un-scary option for someone who might be new to this whole sex toy thing.  They are also generally affordable, so they are great for those with limited funds

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