Flexi Felix Anal beads

img courtesy of twisted finger

Originally Posted At: Kisses and Kinks in May 2011

Author: Twisted Finger

The Flexi Felix anal beads by Fun Factory (this charming German company) are undoubtedly the best anal beads I’ve ever seen. I got these for free from Babeland, this wonderful woman-friendly website that I happen to love. I’d always wanted to try them out because I happen to love anal and I thought these seemed cute and fun. Many anal beads I’ve seen have nylon cords and plastic beads. The nylon cord dealio always icked me out, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that these are 100% silicone!

I lubed up and took them for a test run. I was surprised that I didn’t feel more of a sensation. I’ve never considered myself an anal expert since I’ve only penetrated myself anally on occasion with toys, but I found these beads to be too thin for me.

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