Slapper Review!

img courtesy of kitty

Originally posted at: The Sub Mission in May 2011

Author: Kitty

I saw this cute little slapper at EdenFantasys, and for some reason it called out to me.  It’s not the fanciest of slappers, but the leather looked really thick and heavy duty in the online pictures.  We have something similar to this already, but with a split down the middle.  I thought these might be similar in impact, but they were very, very different.

The strikes that the leather slapper makes are very “whippy” and barely hurt at all.  Even when you strike with some force behind the blows this can’t raise welts or blood dots.  My skin is very sensitive to impact play, and I seem to mark pretty easily.  Not so with this little device.  Master could hit me with it again and again and I never felt like I was getting the satisfaction I get from other similar devices.

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