Tongue Zinger

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Orignally Posted at : Kisses and Kinks in May 2011

Author: Twisted Finger

The Tongue Dinger by Hott Products Unlimited is a vibrating tongue ring I purchased from this sex shop I trust.

The product is cheap and only costs about $5. It’s made of a cheap plastic case and is surrounded by what HottProducts Unlimited claims is medical grade silicone, but I highly doubt it. There’s a little loop (with tiny silicone “teeth” to keep it on your tongue) that is intended to go over your tongue so you can give a partner enhanced oral pleasure. The box “warns” that this “MAY CAUSE INTENSE SCREAMING ORGASMS!!! (yes it is in all caps with three exclamation points). The front of this itty bitty toy is covered bumpy thingies of different shapes and sizes that are intended for stimulating your partner.

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